Geo-web-services and addresses / POIs databases

Gisgraphy provides REST web-services to do geocoding, geolocalisation and vehicle tracking. Gisgraphy use an unique, worldwide and consolidated Addresses / POIs database (+416 million entries) that you can aquire to use with Gisgraphy or any of your own projects (commercial or not). We also have off-line (on premise / local installation) and online (hosted web-service) solutions.

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Gisgraphy provides REST web-services with worldwide coverage. Based on open data (Openstreetmap, Openaddresses, Geonames, Quattroshapes). Our code is also open(source)1 and freely available on Github. It may also be used for commercial purposes without restriction : You can cache, store, or display results on a map (of your choice) or not (unlike Google Maps). Got questions about relevance and coverage ? want to compare the relevance with other geocoder ? Don't know where to start ? Read more


Provide an address, structured or not, and get it's GPS position. Worldwide coverage, including house numbers of more than +410 million addresses.

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Reverse geocoding

Provide a GPS position and get the corresponding address. Worldwide coverage, up to house numbers, more than +410 millions of addresses.

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Street search / tracking

Find streets for a given GPS point (and an optional name). Speed-limit, number of lanes, toll or not, surface type, azimuth, etc. For GTS tracking software (e.g : Open GTS or Traccar), but lot of other use cases.

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Find places, POIs, cities, streets around a GPS point for a given radius. Results include and can also be sorted by the distance from the given point. 230+ POIs type availables (e.g : restaurant, station, ATM, PostOffice, Doctor, Parking, tourist information office). Very powerfull when coupled with the reverse geocoding service to find place around an address.

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Full-text search / Auto-completion

For a given text and an optional GPS point, find places, POIs, cities, streets, zip codes,...with its information (coordinates, states, population, elevation, alternate names in many languages and alphabet). Many options availables : Auto completion (as you type), location bias, fuzzy, spell checking, all words required or not, place type filtering,...

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Address parser

Divide a single address (as a string) into its individual component parts : house number, street type (directional, street, ..), street name, unit (apt, building, ...), zip-code, state, country, city. Manage PO boxes and address format in 60+ countries. This software is not opensource and can be used on-line as a web-service or a license can be purchased for an unlimited off-line use.

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1 : except the address parser

POIs, streets and addresses database

Only interested in Data ? We have built a unique and worldwide addresses, POIs, streets, cities, and administrative divisions database. It is available country per country and is in CSV format to keep it simple. We use open data from best open data sources : Openstreetmap, Openaddresses, Geonames, Quattroshapes. For each datasets, we aggregate and merge, de-duplicate, and consolidate the data

- Addresses : +416 millions
- POIs : +40 milions
- Cities : +4.8 millions
- streets : +110 Millions

+416 millions


+40 milions

Points of interest (POIs)

+4.8 millions

Cities and administrative divisions

+110 Millions


We make it Easy

Whether you need to run things locally on your servers or you don't want to worry about hosting, we have a solutions :

Hosted web-services

Subscribe to our hosted premium web-services. No downloading, no installation and configuration. You won't worry about the technical details, we handle that, you just use it ! Choose a rate (number of requests per minute) and we take care of performance and SLA. Plans start from 80€. We scale from small to very high number of requests.


Send us your CSV /TSV files and we send it back with new columns filled by our web-services. we can also process other formats. jusk ask for a quote. Price is per lines but we got good price for high number of records.

Off-line use

Gisgraphy can be run totally off-line, the data are store on your server. There are many installation options including

Use it your way

Gisgraphy is a framework, as a result, it's flexible and powerful enough to be used in a lot of different use cases. We provide various solution to simplify things :

With our API

Use our API to integrate Gisgraphy into your app.

On a Map with Leaflet plug-in

Allows you to add a geocoding input with auto-completion or a reverse geocoding functionnality on a leaflet map.

With our client librairies

Gisgraphy can be used in your preferred language. We also have connectors for popular softwares (Symphony, Graphhopper, FME, ...).

On a Mobile app with Gisgraphoid

The feed can be called from any mobile application.

With GTS tracking software

Some popular GPS tracking systems (OpenGTS or Traccar ) also includes a Gisgraphy client

In an Excell or Google Spreadsheets

We have solutions to do geocoding in Excell

Pricing plans

Our services are affordable. The price starts is from 0.000023 € to 0.000093 € per request / month*. The price of our addresses, streets, or POIs database in CSV format is simple because you pay per line.

No surprises :

  • No automatic renewal : you can renew at anytime but but there is no commitment
  • Control your budget : You choose a rate that determine the plan and it won't change until you you choose a new rate

*Based on the maximum number of requests you can do per month = max number per minute * 60 minutes * 24 hours * 30 days

Contact us

If you do something cool with Gisgraphy or you have questions, Contact us